Fulfilling Your Purpose?

“In His presence is fullness of joy.”  Psalm 16:11 (NASB)

We were made first and foremost for fellowship with God.  That is our primary purpose in life.  Everything in our lives, including ministry, flows out of our oneness with God through Jesus Christ.  If we never did anything in our lives but nourish and nurture our relationship with Him, we would have fulfilled our purpose.  We nurture so many other things in our busy lives that our Christian joy somehow becomes our Christian duty.  And we don’t realize we have lost intimacy with the One who loves us and gave Himself for us.

Relationship is why God made Adam and Eve.  He made them for fellowship and not so they could just do “stuff” for Him.  He walked and talked with them, and they with Him.  When they disobeyed, they lost that sweet communion they had enjoyed with Him – much to God’s sorrow.  God’s love for man then made a way for man to once again walk and communicate with Him, this time through His covenant with Israel.  Once again they broke His covenant, and His heart.  So God sent His son to make a “new and living way” for mankind to once again walk and talk with Him and have relationship with Him.  For some reason God really wants relationship with each one of us.

Soooo . . . you are basically fulfilling your purpose every time you look to God, speak with Him and listen for Him to speak to you.  As I previously said, all things in our lives flow out of our oneness with Him.  It is so simple we just don’t get it or we once knew it and have forgotten it.  When we spend time with Him the springs of living water flow freely and naturally to, through and out of our lives changing us and those we touch.

Do you want to do something for God?  Spend time with Him.

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