Meet the Pientkas

Since 1972 Ken and Mary Anne Pientka have served in various ministry positions. They served on the staff of The Church on the Way for many years with Pastor Jack Hayford developing and teaching seminars on spiritual gifts and ministries, as well as various other subjects.

In addition to his role as teacher and counselor, Pastor Pientka is highly KenPientkagifted musically as a composer, pianist and singer. Ken’s ministry on all levels is characterized by his responsiveness to the Spirit of God, and punctuated with his warm sense of humor.
Mary Anne PientkaMary Anne is a gifted prophetic teacher. Her depth and insight in the Word challenges and inspires those who hear her to search the scripture with fresh eyes. Much of Mary Anne’s teaching and counseling experience is geared to helping believers, both men and women, recognize and yield to those situations designed by God to work the image of Jesus in and through His people.

It is our sincere desire to see God release each person into all God has planned for them. Come grow with us as we share in this life-changing adventure together.