About Us

What is Heartgate International Ministries (H.I.M.)?

Heartgate International Ministries is about the heart-the central focus from which transforming ministry emanates. While the focus is on examining the ministry gifts and spiritual gifts in response to the believer’s God-given call, we explore additional tools God has given the believer to be victorious over all the power of the enemy. No matter what the venue, the workshop format affords a safe setting in which you will learn how to personally apply these principles, and grow in your confidence as a kingdom person.

What is our purpose?

The purpose of Heartgate International Ministries is found in this statement:

Both the desire and focus of H.I.M. is the releasing of God’s purpose in you through discovering His gift, cultivating the gifts and becoming a gift.

1.  The Call:  Discovering the gift – the gift of God’s call upon your life

2.  The Equipment:  Cultivating the gifts – the spiritual gifts

3.  The Presentation:  Becoming a gift – the fruit of ministry

 What we believe…

We believe a trained Christian is an effective Christian.

  • To “know” frees us to “do”.
  • When you “know the truth, the truth will set you free “
  • “The weapons of our warfare are…mighty to the pulling down of strongholds.”

Meet the Pientkas…

Ken and Mary Anne are two committed believers with a burning passion to see every hungry Christian raised up by God in this hour to do what He has destined for them to accomplish. They want the believer to experience the joy of moving in the power of God, changing the lives of those they touch, and thereby change the world.